Retro Fit Sonos and In Ceiling speakers

A Sonos in ceiling speaker installation to a finished new build property. AVCOMM are on the job. New in ceiling speakers and a hidden Sonos Connect amp fitted. All cabling concealed with minimum disruption. Sonos wall mounted in the cupboard

Monitor Audio speakers fitted no patches cut👌

Sonos mounted on the wall with a custom bracket

Busy Cupboard so wall mounting made sense

Grills fitted to the Monitor Audio Speakers.

Nice Job from Billy & Kyle

Dahua IP Video Door Entry System

Some images of a recently installed IP Video Door Entry System for a new Development Minerva Apartments Finneston in Glasgow.

Carried out for SRD Construction Ltd.

We specified an IP Dahua touch screen system for each apartment. The stainless steel flush mounted outdoor station has LCD panel. The numbers and screen light up on close proximity. Very handy for late at night. A day and night HD camera gives crystal clear images of who is at the door. All apartments can communicate with each other if required through intercom calling.

Just finished installing the outdoor station

Outdoor station ready for Programming.

Indoor station wall mounted

Nice image of our van outside the apartment

All touch screens have quick keys on the side to answer, unlock or monitor the camera.

Picture Frame TV

Is It A picture or a TV. Check out one of our Installations featuring a Samsung Picture Frame TV screen.

The TV was installed above the clients feature fireplace. A great choice for a beautiful room that wasn’t used as much as others in the home.  Now they can watch TV or slideshow of family pictures or just leave it on picture mode when not in use. The screen actually turns it self off when there is no one in the room. We also fitted a HD modulator for the home to give the clients full HD from their main Sky HD box to all the TV around the home. Network cabling was also fitted to give better streaming services on the smart apps such as Netflix, YouTube Etc

Its A TV no its a picture

Displaying some of the built in images. You can add your own through an app on your smart phone.


 Feature fireplace with TV installed above. Looking good


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